What are the essential gear for cave diving ?

A cave diving is a fascinating adventure which is a big opportunity to discover the marvelous creatures (Turtle…) never seen undersea which require essential equipment that you can purchase on Amazon for example.

Let’s discover cave diving basic tools with their characteristics.

Just keep in mind, if you have the required scuba accessories, you should always be careful, respect the sea world, the training and all the instructions. Here are some basic and essential scuba tools : mask, drysuit or wetsuit, tanks, light, diveavenue… You can buy via Amazon or another seller. Let’s see some examples and details :

Mask : You can’t go in a certain depth without a mask or a helmet. The difference is, a mask is comfortable and not expensive but a helmet is more expensive and safer. If you choose to use the helmet, we advise you to use the bigblue technical diving helmet.

Wetsuit or drysuit : the suit depends on the temperature of the water. Wetsuit allows some amount of water to enter. On the other side, drysuit is to retain the dryness. There is a wetsuit called “dark lightening wetsuit” (adapted to women and men).

Tanks : A tank (aluminum or steel) is very important because the gas mixture a diver breath is compressed inside it. If you don’t have a cylinder, you can’t go deeper underwater.

Light : As we all know ; a cavern is dark. Light facilitates your underwater journey by illuminating the darkness. So light is very important. There are many types of lights which are differenced by their specificities.

Safety accessories

Breathing gas management

Breathing is an activity involves experience of the use of gas mixture and the techniques of using tanks. Not just the tank but also all the other accessories. Divers must enlarge his skills and knowledge about scuba and the use of all the gear required. If you want to know more about practicing, all techniques, breathing gases and all grotto and grotto tools, you can read “The Essentials of Cave Diving” written by Jill Heinerth. If you need more information about the price, the sales procedure… you just type it on google.

Safety gear help explorers to have a successful exploration. Let’s talk about about underwater communication. Wet notes or waterproof notebooks is very useful. You are probably wondering, why do we need a not book ? It’s used in several cases such as recording reference information during underwater travel, facilitating navigation underwater and later diagnostics.

Those who practice the aforementioned activity should always bring a safety reel to search a guideline or repair a break but also to point out a lost companion. There are two types of markers, directional (arrows) and non-directional (cookies) to indicate distance and direction. Directional markers indicate the closest exit out of the grotto while non-directional markers are used in several tasks like marking the route of entry to the grotto… An SMB (Surface Marker Buoy) is another specific device to cope with different circumstances, to indicate and mark explorer’s position to the surface. The main lights fail quite often between 50 to 100 dives. If all the main light fails, there must probably be two reversing lights providing enough light to exit the place.

Excluding safety materials, there is a safety technique too like a side mount. This technique consists of carrying the tanks on the sides rather than on the back. But everyone has their habit and preference.

Facultative gear

There are some facultative tools used by grotto explorer but also necessary to this undersea activity, especially in case of emergency. The Communication underwater is very important although hand gesture may be sufficient, but it’s always preferable to use an integrated technology accessory as it is more powerful such as computer, line cutter, star tool, etc.

A dive computer is required to show, record, to safely manage the adventure, monitor depth, time and decompression limits during the journey. Other accessories are very useful too even if it’s facultative like cutters. A diver should carry at least two cutters which each hand can maintain. It’s preferable to have a third in reserve. There are many materiels sellers. You can do research to know more about prices and another information.

For who is dedicated the cave diving ?

You already know, underwater activity is not dedicated to all who just want to swim deeper. It’s especially dedicated to those who have appropriate certification. It involves a lot of risks and dangers. Oxygen reserves could be exhausted, star tool or any gear might have a failure… 

When you go in the cavern, risks and dangers are always around when you are deep, risks and dangers always appear around. To have a fascinating and safe experience under the ocean, you must ensure your training and materials. You can use some techniques that make you comfortable like the side mount.

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