What importance is Bigblue technical diving helmet and its other accessories ?

First of all, you should know that “Bigblue” is an American company which produce dive equipment.

This company have different products, lights, cameras... You can compare their characteristics (lumens, beam angle, temperature, etc.) and prices. Let’s see some Bigblue technical diving helmet with their specificities.


Bigblue helmet

The Bigblue technical diving helmet is a piece of scuba equipment for technical dives, designed to protect the head and provide breathing gas to enhance the underwater experience.

You can compare those examples of technical headgear with their details.


Specification : Available in black and grey colors, size 180 x 275 mm head, size 52 - 60 cm, pads and Mount Included, weight in air 585 g.

Price: $174.31


TDH-2M : Système de plongée à double éclairage, montures réglables, disponible en noir et gris. Équipement de protection individuel inclus, luminaire de plongée vendu séparément. Options de faisceau : AL1300NP (10° étroit), AL1300WP (85° large), AL1300XWP (120° extra-large).

Prix : $149.99.


Bigblue accessories for great diving

AL 250 Camo Light

Specification : available in blue and pink color. Lumens (card) 250. Ray angle 8°.Luminary source XPG LED. The price is $59.99.


AL 250 Lumen Dive

Specification : Available colors silver, gold, blue, red, black. Led Source XPG LED. Lumens (card) 250. Ray Angle (card) 8°. It costs $54.99.

Arm cameras

There are some arm cameras to have good videos under the sea. FLEXIARM-07 for example, flexible single arm camera 5-inch…

Notice that Bigblue has new 2024 2024 globe filter in their stock.

Other equipments of Bigblue

The diver may need water bottle for a comfortable dive. Like this one :

Bigblue Camo Sports Water Bottles

Specification : available in blue and pink, size 80 x L273mm, volume 800 ml, and weight 360 g. The price is $29.99.You can compare this type of water bottles to others.

For illuminating your scuba adventure, Bigblue can shine your dive journey with AL1200WP-IR for example.

Specification : 940nm output, powered by a rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion battery, rated waterproof to 100M (300FT), wide 85°, comes with a dry bag …

You can compare it with the AL 250 Camo cited above.


For a dive light, what is the best beam angle ?

What is beam angle ?

It’s a distance side to side projected by the light. As you know, human eyes see 180° but if you wear a mask or a tin hat underwater, your view is limited at 100°.

Discover those examples:

20-75°: This type of is good for all types of diving. You can use the wider beam to light up turtles or wall.

7-12°: the visibility diving is limited so it needs a focus or a narrow that offer you a better distance and doesn’t reflect back.

Bigblue offers a variety of headpieces with distinct features and price points, providing you with the optimal angle.


What diving gear do you need for a good beam ?

For 7-12° for example, as it needs a narrow, you can discover the AL1300NP.

Specification : rated waterproof to 100M (330FT) , 1300 lumens with a narrow angle 10°, 4-level push-button on/off switch with battery level indicator, powered by a rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion battery, tail switch version available also, charge Time 3 to 4 hours, comes with a blue dry bag.

Included in the box : charger, lanyard, silicone lube, rechargeable battery, two spare O-rings, dry bag, owner’s manual, manufacture’s 12 months. Price: $179.99.


The difference between the diving mask and helmet

While both serve the same end goal, their functionalities diverge significantly. The diving mask is a nimble and pliable piece of gear tailored to snugly encompass the diver's nose and eyes. Crafted from either rubber or silicone, it features a robust tempered glass pane to ensure clear underwater vision. Its comfort is unparalleled, though it offers limited air supply and protection.

Conversely, the diving helmet presents a more substantial and sturdy option, enveloping the entire head of the diver. This heftier choice affords superior safety and a more abundant air supply, making it a preferable safeguard for scuba divers. In terms of cost, expect to invest more in a headpiece than in a mask. Bigblue provides an extensive selection to cater to your preferences.

For those in pursuit of an enhanced lighting solution to brighten their subaquatic explorations, consider the robust and watertight 'GoPro BigBlue 4200 Lumen Dual (VTL4200P).' This formidable torch, equipped with dual video capabilities, promises to illuminate your deep-sea adventures with its impressive output. To aid in your comparison with other GoPro models, here are its specifications :

  • Lumens: 4200 (Level IV), 2100 (Level III), 1050 (Level II), 420 (Level I)
  • Beam Angle: 120° Wide, 10° Narrow
  • Maximum Depth : Tested to 100 Meters
  • Buoyancy : Negative 205 grams (battery included)
  • Housing Material : Anodized Aluminum Alloy
  • LED Configuration: 7 XML LEDs + 2 XPE Red LEDs
  • Color Options : Available in black
  • Dimensions : Diameter 55.5 mm x Length 140.6 mm
  • Color Temperature : 6500K (Cool White)

These items are merely a glimpse into Bigblue's diverse array of scuba diving gear.